Sometimes you may need to change a job status manually. If your customer has paid an invoice, but it is still in the ‘invoiced’ column you can easily move it to the correct column.

Follow these five steps for the app

  1. Open the job
    Once you have sent an invoice, you'll see the status message changes, it now says 'invoiced.' To the right you'll see a small arrow pointing down.
  2. Click on the downward arrow
    When you click on that arrow, you will be presented with the job status menu. You can change the status of the job to any one of the options.
  3. Change job status
    If you select ‘paid’ in the menu, you will see that the job status changes. Now it will read as invoice paid.
  4. Mark a job as complete
    This will not delete them, simply removes them from your dashboard. Do this by repeating Step Two and Three, but this time you will select ‘complete’.

You will see it now says ‘job complete.’ While these jobs will leave your dashboard, you will always be able to access past invoices in the 'sent invoices' menu.

if you want to remove job information completely - check out how to hide jobs here. 

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