Adding in photographs to your quotes and invoices isn't for everyone, but some of you may find it useful to remember the job details, clarify the job scope and be a reference to show your skills.

Follow these four steps to add your photos:

  1. Create A Quote
    Once you have added all line items, scroll down to the bottom and add a photo by clicking 'add supporting documents'.
  2. Photos From Your Private Notes Will Appear Automatically
    You simply click the ones you would like to include and then include "Attach 1 selected." This number will change depending how many you'd like to select.
  3. Select File to Upload From Device
    Meaning from your phone library or by taking new photos - you will need to provide Bridge with access to your camera roll for this to work correctly.
  4. Save & Send
    Once all photos have been added, follow the normal process of saving and sending your quote.

If you would like a quick refresher on our other features, have a look here:

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